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Alison Hodge

Alison Hodge

Ali Hodge is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Acute Oncology and Immunotherapy at University Hospitals Sussex. Her role was the first in Acute Oncology and Immunotherapy at University Hospitals Sussex. Her role was created to help develop the acute oncology service, along with the development of an immunotherapy toxicity service and acute oncology assessment unit.  The role is varied including patient assessment and management (both inpatients and outpatients), supporting the assessment of Cancer patients in the ambulatory setting and Emergency departments. Supporting the SACT nurses on the telephone triage line, and developing the nurses working areas where cancer patients are managed. 

Ali qualified from Brighton University with a BSc (Hons) European Nursing Studies. It was during her studies that her passion and commitment to cancer care was developed. Ali has 23 years’ experience in cancer care and is an active member of both UKONS and EONS.  Her career has included being a matron, lecturer-practitioner and advanced nurse practitioner. 

Ali has presented both nationally and internationally on a variety of subjects, including acute oncology, immunotherapy and career development within this emerging field of nursing. Ali has worked on a number of local and national documents to ensure equality in the provision of support for patient with side effects of their cancer treatment.

Ali’s main area of interest is medical and clinical oncology with a specific interest in the care of patient with side effects from cancer treatment. Ali is passionate about cancer nursing with a focus on advanced practice within cancer nursing.